Anyone with an idea for collective action to advance equitable access to healthy food can start an MFAN Action Team or Affinity Group. 

  • Short-term Action Teams address pressing issues, such as a call to action to educate lawmakers on the value of food systems work in relationship to policy

  • Long-term Action Teams evolve to address systemic issues within an area of the food system.

  • Affinity Groups are people coming together over common interest in a certain area of work within the food system 

Action Teams and Affinity Groups can be started by anyone that meets the following guidelines:

  • There is mission alignment with the network.

  • There are at least four others that have committed to partnering with the work.

  • There is at least one partner to serve as the lead of the team.

  • The team has completed the Anti-Racism & Organizing Criteria Worksheet and submitted to the Strategic Team.

Action Team and Affinity Group Leads responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: