The Equity Action Team aligned with the overall theme of the Minnesota Food Charter and the companion Health Equity Guide of advancing equity in the MN food system.



  • The Equity Action Team consisted of about 15 partners representing funding agencies, local public health, and various nonprofit, social justice, and grassroots organizations.

  • The Equity Action Team has shared leadership among the most committed members. 



Tools and Resources:  

Equity Action Team Successes
2017 & 2018 Success

MFAN hosted a series of six Critical Conversations on Race in the Food System. The series covered issues on communicating about race, White Supremacy Culture, and Organizational Equity. Over 120 MFAN partners attended at least one of the sessions. The series took place from December 2017 - April 2018.

2016 Success

MFAN leveraged funding to support a part-time position to coordinate the MFAN Equity Action Team. Together the team provided recommendations to improve the equity practices of the network.  They also designed and facilitated an Equity in Policy Timeline experience where partners walked an over 50 foot timeline of policies and systems that have been put in place over the last several centuries to create the food system we have today.