• The Local Government Action Team consists of about 10-15 partners representing funding agencies, local public health, and various nonprofit and grassroots organizations.



  • The goal of the Local Government Action Team goals was to support metro comprehensive plans to support equitable access to healthy food for all through the built environment and local policy.​

Tools & Resources:

Local Government Action Team Successes
2018 Success

The Local Government Action Team sponsored and planned the Metro Regional Bus Trip, where nearly 50 food access advocates traveled 118 miles, covering five of the seven metro counties to learn more about food access work taking place in rural, suburban, per-urban areas. The locations highlighted community-based partnerships working on local planning efforts.

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2017 Success
2016 Success

The MFAN Comprehensive Planning Team developed the Community Health in Comprehensive Planning Checklist to further support food access advocates and planners to work together to advance equitable access to healthy food through the built environment.  

The Comprehensive Planning Action Team incubated the idea for the Minnesota Food Charter Healthy Food Access Planning Guide. The guide provides tools, resources, proven policy strategies, and recommended planning and zoning language for comprehensive plans, so planners and community food advocates can collaborate to design communities that promote access to healthy, safe, affordable food.  MFAN partners continue to collaborate on the implementation of the guide for comprehensive plans that will be submitted in 2018.

2014 Success

Thrive MSP2040 is a visionary document that guides city and county comprehensive planning for 30 years. During a revisionary process MFAN partners identified a lack of food access language in the proposed language. To address this, 15 MFAN partners came together to provide revisionary language to the document, much of which was included in the final document used today to guide the metro comprehensive planning process.