The MFAN Near-Metro Rural Food Systems survey was created by the University of Minnesota Extension Center for Family Development Research and Evaluation Team. The team used evidence based and anecdotal research to determine the priority areas of need regarding food systems work in near-metro rural areas (shown in lavender on the map).

Key Findings

Key findings from the survey of [X] food systems advocates in 2018 include: [coming soon]

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Connect with Others

MFAN is interested in supporting partners in making connections in areas of food systems work where they believe they can make an impact together. Learn more about ways to connect with others here and click the button below to connect with others interested in near-metro rural food systems work. 

Findings Reports

Following are reports developed from the 2018 survey. 

  • Overall Findings [Google Drive hyperlinks coming soon]

  • County 1 Report

  • County 2 Report

  • County 3 Report

  • Other Report

Use the Survey

Are you interested in using the survey to determine the priority areas of interest related to food systems work in your area? 

You can find the survey tool here [Google Drive hyperlink coming soon].


You can use the survey as is or adapt to meet your needs. If you adapt the survey questions at all, we ask that you do not reference the University of Minnesota Extension as the creator of the survey.